What is 1/4 Divided By 5/7?

In this article we'll show you how to calculate and divided 1/4 by 5/7 and give you the answer in both fraction and decimal form.

First of all we can put the two fractions side by side so that we can see them visually:

1 / 4 รท 5 / 7

I've labelled the numbers in 1/4 divided by 5/7 with colors to show you what each part of this division problem means:

  • 1 - this is the dividend numerator
  • 4 - this is the dividend denominator
  • 5 - this is the divisor numerator
  • 7 - this is the divisor denominator

First we're going to calculate the answer in fraction form and to do that we multiply the dividend numerator by the divisor denominator to give us a brand new numerator.

At the same time, we are going to multiply the dividend denonimator by the divisor numerator and this will give us a new denominator.

1 x 7 / 4 x 5 = 7 / 20

Doing this gives us the answer to 1/4 divided by 5/7 in fraction form of:

7 / 20

To get the answer to 1/4 divided by 5/7 we can take the numerator 7 and divide it by the denominator 20:

7/20 = 0.35

7/20 is already in its lowest possible form so there is no fraction simplifying/reduction to do.

We're now done and have walked you through the entire process of dividing 1/4 by 5/7 to find the answer in both fraction and decimal format.

Feel free to use these techniques the next time you need to divide fractions and by all means come back to DivisibleBot if you need a recap at any time.

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