Is 1 a Factor of 181?

In this article we are going to check whether 1 is a factor of 181 and explain the two easiest methods to calculate this for yourself.

What we can do is list out all of the factors of 181 and then check the resulting list to see if 1 is one of those numbers. Here are all the factors of 181:

  • 1
  • 181

We can also list the factors of 181 into a comma separated list as well:

1 and 181

We are checking to see if the number 1 is in this list and we can clearly see that it is in the list of factors for 181.

This means, 1 is a factor of 181.

We can also check whether 1 is a factor of 181 by simplying dividing 181 by 1 to see if the quotient (the resulting answer) is a whole or a fractional number.

If the result is a whole number, then we know that 1 is a factor of 181.

If the result is a fractional number, then we know that 1 is not a factor of 181.

181 divided by 1 is 181 which is a whole number. This confirms our answer from the factor list method above that 1 is a factor of 181.

Hopefully this has not only answered the question "is 1 a factor of 181?", but also explained the methods for working this out for yourself.

Challenge yourself to try and calculate whether one number is a factor of another using both of the methods above to practice your new understanding of factors.

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