How to Calculate 3 Divided by 70 Using Long Division

In this article we are going to work out how to divide 3 by 70 using the long division method.

We'll do this step by step and show you the exact process you need to go through every time you do long division. If you practice this enough, you will be able to apply it to any long division problem you might have.

Let's first look at this division visually:

3 / 70

I've labelled the parts we need to be concerned with in colors to show you what each means before we get to the long division:

  • The first number, 3, is called the dividend.
  • The second number, 70 is called the divisor.

Now that we know these terms, we can dive into the step by step process to divide 3 by 70 using long division.

Step 1

To get started, put your divisor on the left of the bar and then the dividend goes onto the right:


Step 2

How many times does the divisor 70 go into first digit of the dividend 3? The answer is 0 time(s) and so we put 0 at the top:


Step 3

Now multiply the divisor by the result of the previous step (70 x 0 = 0). Add that answer below the dividend:


Step 4

Subtract the result from the previous step from the second digit of the dividend (3 - 0 = 3) and write that answer below:


What Is 3 Divided By 70 Using Long Division?

We have reached the end of the long division method when there are no more digits to move down from the dividend. The answer is the top number, followed by any remainder that is left over:


Remainder 3

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More Calculations

In addition to solving 3 divided by 70 using long division, there are a couple of other methods you could have used:

  • Type 3 divided by 70 into a calculator and you'd get 0.0429.
  • 3/70 could also be shown as a mixed fraction: 0 3/70
  • In the mixed fraction, the numerator is the same as the remainder (3), the denominator is our original divisor (70), and the whole number is our final answer (0).

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